Who Turned Out the Lights?

Last month some dastardly hacker got into the web server and started redirecting pages all over the place. Why? I dunno. If only their skills would be used for good, instead of evil. Anyway, rather than risk passing on any virus to unsuspecting visitors, I shut down the site until I could scrub it clean. That took a little longer than I expected. It also distracted efforts from our latest project. On the bright side, I took the liberty of updating the design of the site, and improving some of the signup functionality.

If you came looking to watch Level Up during that crazed time, I apologize. We're back and you can log in and watch it now. If you forgot your password, or want to you can do that from the Insiders Log In page.

If you get a chance, let me know what you think of the polished up site!