ScriptFrenzy Winner!

Every year puts out the challenge to any writer who wants to participate: 100 pages in 30 days. Thousands of screenwriters from all over the place participate, logging their progress and sharing stumbling blocks and encouragement along the way. It's tiring, specially if you have a ‘real job' and/or family that you should be paying attention to, and have to squeeze the writing into odd hours. But at the same time, crafting 100 pages of story out of thin air, proves you can CREATE, in any and all circumstances, no excuses.

I wrote 103 pages and completed the script on April 27th, three days early! Whoo hoo! Now that the event is over, my challenge is to go back and re-write. This was only draft one…

Do you know anyone that participated in ScriptFrenzy? Leave a comment and share tips that work for you to reach unreasonable goals.