Now Shooting in West Chester PA

DailyLocal picked up our attendance at the West Chester Borough Council meeting. We were making sure we had clearance to shoot in town.


Philadelphia movie production company Crossbow Studio will be filming a feature film in borough streets for the next few days.

”Project Pay Day” is a teen coming-of-age movie.

Borough Council will likely give the go-ahead for the movie company to shut down streets for a few minutes at a time. Crossbow Studio will pick up the tab for two police officers who will help control traffic.

Borough Council President Diane LeBold compared the flick to the wildly successful film, “Goonies.”

Since the three stars are depicted as too young to drive they will ride bikes through the uptown. The featured actors, at age 15, were told by their parents to get summer jobs. Instead they try to find different ways to make cash ad end up working harder than if they had actually taken jobs.

Actors Jaz Goodreau, Quinn McColgan and Cameron Ocasio will star in the Greg Koorhan directed and Van White produced movie that was written by Brent Hartinger.

Koorhan has won several awards at the West Chester Film Festival.

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