8 Short Films Every Romantic Should See 
But Probably Hasn’t

They say good things come in small packages. Well, here are 8 little packages for you.

These 8 short films do a fantastic job of piling a ton of emotion into a few moments.

Please enjoy the raw characters, the real feelings, and the relatable experiences that find their way into all of these films.


A Lunch Break Romance (2013) Directed by Danny Sangra

A Lunch Break Romance, (2013) directed by Danny Sangra, is a darling encounter that is almost painfully relatable. These two slightly quirky characters are almost too self conscious, but in the cutest way.

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Seconds (2010) Directed by Marko Slavnic

Seconds, (2010) directed by Marko Slavnic, deals with a single second and it’s impact on the rest of the life that one moment may lead to. This story is able to say so much in a mere 2 minutes. Watching or not watching this film could potentially rearrange your whole life! I say watch it.

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Signs (2008) Directed by Patrick Hughes

Do you ever have days where you feel stuck in a monotone life? Well, for Jason, the leading man in Signs, (2008) directed by Patrick Hughes, it's an everyday feeling. The lack of courage that keeps him in his little cycle is way too real and might hit close to home. Maybe a sharpie could fix all of our problems?

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Table 7 (2011) Written and Directed by Marko Slavnic

Table 7 (2011) by Marko Slavnic is a must must watch. In all of our fragile lives sometimes it’s all about just hearing or saying the right thing and the right time. This film anchors on just that, along with a slightly mysterious vibe and the answer to a question we’ve all wondered…

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Rhinos (2012) Directed by Shimmy Marcus

Okay prepare yourself for all the feels. This film has a way of communicating through miscommunication and it is silly and sad and beautiful all at the same time.

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The Best Man (2010) Written and Performed by Laura Morgan

Laura Morgan gives a stellar performance, filled with honest reactions, in her film The Best Man (2010). This film just flows out the way our minds pour from one thought to the next. This is five minutes well spent.

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Give Me a Sign (2012) Written and Directed by Greg Koorhan

Okay, I had to throw one of ours in here. If you've ever been at the end of a date and not been able to find the words to say how you feel, this one is for you! Guaranteed smile.

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Los Gritones (The Screamers) (2010) Directed by Roberto Pérez Toledo

It's universal, there are places and moments that just invite you to scream.

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True Beauty This Night (2009) Directed by Peter Besson

*This ninth film is another wonderful story, beautifully crafted. Sadly, as of this writing, it is not available online. But I’ve kept it in this list so if you ever come across a chance to see it, do not miss it!
Watch the trailer here:

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We hope you enjoyed this compilation of uplifting short films! Have you got a favorite? Let me know in the comments below!